Why STERP over Customized ERP’s?

Best ERP Software Provider in India for Engineering Companies having 17+ Year Experience.

A customized ERP software is a tailor made software made according to your requirement. It’s a software that took birth, the point when you needed it and according to your specifications.

No Reliability: It’s been made solely for you and hence has no other industry experience. It could have bugs and errors which could pop up as a complete surprise package to you later on.

Dependency: With less industry experience comes less expertise. Hence new customization requirements, bug resolving and error solving required on regular basis, leads to dependency on the creators .

Less Updates: Since Customized softwares do not cater to a lot of clients of the same industry, latest market updates will not be available. Only those specifically needed by you will be given when asked for.

No guarantee of success: A total fresher, It’s a complete experimental experience with no idea how the software is going to work out. With all the new customizations, untested errors and bugs, there are a lot of chances the software implementation might be a complete disaster.

A standardized ERP Software on the other hand is a Vanilla ERP. It has been developed after putting in a lot of market analysis and research. It caters to a wide range of customer base of the industry since a long time and hence comes a lot of experience.

Why STERP – A standard ERP for Engineering Manufacturing Industry working in the same vertical since more than a decade should be your first choice.

Top ERP Software provider in India. Delivering Standard ERP for Engineering Manufacturing ERP.

Stability: It is a very reliable option as compared to a customized ERP since the ERP has catered to a lot of customers and has been there, done that. All the latest functionalities would be well integrated and you would always get more than you asked for. For all the experience it has, its stability would be unquestioned

Plug & Play – The moment the software is in you system, its ready to use with all its latest functionalities built in and does not need any customizations or changes.

Experience: On the basis of working with a lot of industries and catering their requirements, STERP has an experience of a lot of years and includes a lot of updates, and latest functionalities.  All of these make STERP one of the most powerful and a raging product.

Kalyani Iyer
Senior Software Developer.

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