The first and far most benefit of ERP is integration. Our ERP solution helps in reducing data redundancy and redundant data entry, which will lead to a structured services approach and active project management.

STERP Software, one of the best ERP Software in the Engineering Manufacturing segment, connects and synchronizes your data among different modules and gives you a unified view of information in the form of detailed reports and graphs. This in turn increases the efficiency of your business processes and functionalities.

The goal is to streamline processes and improve information exchanges across an entire organization, no matter how large or small.

Improved work efficiency

Improved work efficiency

STERP Software automates and integrates all processes to pull various modules together and reduce bottlenecks in the order-to-cash workstream, and reduce time delays in the fulfilment, delivery and invoicing processes. Access to all customer and product information in one digital workflow reduces Bottlenecks in order-to-cash and improves order turnaround time.

Our ERP Software helps in enhancing the efficiency of your organization as it integrates various processes very smoothly. It helps in reducing your paperwork. Our ERP modules are designed for quick response to changes in market conditions and to improve the productivity of the company.

Reduction in cost

Reduction in cost

The major benefit of ERP is improved coordination across functional departments. It reduces the operational cost i.e. inventory control cost, production costs, Marketing costs and Helps desk support costs.

We provide seamless integration among all the modules and departments with the goal of streamlined processes and engineering functionalities. It helps reduce errors and remove factors caused by people-based- processes which ultimately leads to reduced operational costs as well as your business time.

Benefits of ERP at Each level of Management

  • For top Management

    STERP Software helps to gain geographical analytical reports on a yearly, monthly and weekly basis which will lead to improved profitability of the business.

    The top-level management for any company is the directors, the CEO and the company executives who have the final say in the vital decisions of the organization. STERP Software gives them the right picture of the company’s day to day functioning which further helps in strategic decisions

  • When the industry is in the urge of critical reports, our ERP software can become the best solution for the same.

    A few examples of such reports are purchase material reports, customer dues reports and delivery schedules for materials. All such reports will prove as guidelines for the smooth functioning of the business processes.

  • For lower level Management

    The key concern area of lower-level management is maximum quality work with the least possible efforts. STERP modules can generate quick stock-in and stock-out reports, shortage material reports etc.

    This software is flexible to your business requirements and user friendly too. Further, it helps to obtain instant information

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