How to choose the Best Engineering ERP Software for your Business?

Well done, on taking the first step towards thinking of running your business in a more convenient, efficient, and productive way. Because if you have a thought towards implementing an Engineering ERP software for your engineering business, it’s definitely going to pay off. But, now the question stands: how to choose the best engineering ERP Software?

Regarding that, STERP Software Pvt. Ltd. has got you covered! Know-how.

Determine why you need an Engineering ERP Software

To begin with, selecting an Engineering ERP Software in zeal, one must first assess your current working practices. Evaluating your current business operations can aid you to figure out how your new Engineering ERP Software will work and, as a result, what elements you’ll ought to run your daily operations. The intent is to provide a good overview of how your company now runs and how those functions may also be strengthened.

A basic ERP will include a number of attributes, but STERP comes with a customizable modules of functions as per your exact requirements like:

  1. Task Management
  2. Document Management
  3. Dynamic Dashboard
  4. Auto Mail & SMS Integration
  5. Mobile Application for Android & iOS
  6. Mobile Users Visit Reports
  7. Location Tracking
  8. ISO Audit Reports
  9. Multi-Currency
  10. Quotation Lost Analysis Ratio
  11. Component Process Tracking
  12. Finish Goods Progress Tracking
  13. Vendor Rating
  14. Export Documentations
  15. Depreciation Calculation with Auto JV
  16. Forex Gain Loss with Auto JV


Develop a strategic suit as to why you require an Engineering ERP system

Developing a strategic case for choosing a new Engineering ERP system is an easy and effective way to figure out why your company needs one. When strengthening a strategic vision, be sure to determine how an Engineering ERP solution will enable you to reach your company objectives.


This kind of set of questions must therefore be addressed while planning your strategic case:

  • Is it going to help staff and operations run more effectively?
  • Will it break through barriers and bring diverse functions together?
  • Will it facilitate real-time data, helping for increased management decision-making?
  • Is it going to help you optimize business quote-to-cash processes?
  • Will the client experience be better as a result of it?
  • Will it contribute towards pulling off long-term company objectives and maximizing revenue eventually?

Determine the obstacles and how an Engineering ERP can benefit you

The next approach would be to pinpoint the precise issues like employees who are spending too much time, delays in receiving information, error minimization, operations with blind spots, enhancing the estimation process, profit margins should be defined, inventory management, access to knowledge, scalable growth with complete margin oversight that your Engineering company is experiencing and how to address them.

Now you know how to choose the best Engineering ERP for your business to deal with the hurdles which come across your business. The simple answer is STERP.

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