How to boost your Team’s productivity with ERP Software?

The successful operation of any EPC company is dependent on the streamlining of operations. Team management and operation tracking are critical to this procedure. Imagine a world where there is no organisation or regularity in the distribution of resources. It would be difficult to keep up with the schedule and deliver on time, let alone organise and manage properly. With ERP software, you can smooth out wrinkles.


Major EPC firms use ERP Software developed by STERP – the leading company manufacturing ERP software in Pune to improve company processes, manage CRM, and make the most of available resources, resulting in increased revenue, output, and advantages.

Benefits of ERP that boosts Team’s Productivity:

1.  Newly Furnished Roles and Skills Archive:

Human capital is one of a company’s best and most important assets. In order to effectively manage such a massive resource, specific processes and measures must be taken. If you don’t know what the present workforce can do, you can’t do anything about it.


  • Recruiting additional employees to help with current workloads as well as prospective initiatives.
  • The search for qualified personnel to fill important projects and positions
  • Creating new plans and strategies based on the available resources.
  • Management and other personnel can be replaced internally or externally in the event of a departure.
  • Setting the groundwork for a new business


All employees inside a company are listed in the ERP’s employee management system with their abilities, experience, expertise, and availability to work on certain projects. This thorough awareness of resources aids in the appropriate allocation and proper utilisation of those resources in the hands of the end-user. It also monitors the status of employees’ certifications and licences, if any are needed.

2.  Selection of Appropriate Resources for the Appropriate Job:

There is a specific individual needed for each duty. EPC firms with a significantly huge staff are prone to making the mistake of allocating the wrong resource to a project. Resources, abilities, knowledge, and current responsibilities are listed in an ERP software developed by STERP (Shanti Technology) – one of the top-ranking as well as most remarkable ERP Software Companies in Pune. As a result, the resource may be more accurately mapped to the job at hand. There are a few questions that are simple to answer with a report like this:


  • How much money do we have to take on a new endeavour?
  • What is the present workforce’s degree of competency and skill?
  • Does our staff have the right mix of experience and expertise?
  • Have you received or are you in the process of obtaining the relevant certifications?


Even before signing a contract for a new project, knowing the answers to these questions is critical. Delays and performance problems can have a significant impact on the outcome if resources are not properly coordinated. It is possible for a firm to maximise resources and achieve its goals with the help of the correct ERP software offered by one of the most prominent as well as distinct ERP Software providers in Pune.

3.   Find out the Potential Skills and Gaps:

When putting up a dream team for a project, it’s common to run into talent shortages. In order to identify these shortages, the organisation needs a systematic approach to managing talents. A great deal of wasted time and money can be saved by using this approach.


It’s also a great opportunity to train your employees for future roles that are more suited to their abilities. In order to fill in the gaps, both formal and informal learning campaigns might be created. A company’s success depends on its employees’ ability to adapt to new challenges and talents. STERP (Shanti Technology) offers the best ERP for manufacturing company in Pune.

4.   Increase Competency and Manage Efficiently:

The competency and skill set of every organization’s staff must be continuously upgraded and broadened in order to promote production, efficiency, and success. If you don’t keep up with the times, you may become obsolete. Profitability is strongly linked to sales growth as the market becomes more competitive and technology improves. When you use the system, you can devote and manage your resources more quickly.


Traditional ways of tracking employee talents, such as Excel sheets, are a thing of the past in today’s workplace. When systems are effectively managed with ERP Software in Pune, they can be updated, tracked and accessed at any point in the management process. With an easy-to-use ERP software by STERP, you can organise information and handle all the processes with the help of team engagement and also track their productivity.