ERP is software that organizes corporate activities while also providing insights and internal controls, based on a centralized database of resources related to marketing, sales, prospects, leads, service, and maintenance of existing customers. Basically, it enables companies with a single location to store, monitor, manage, and retrieve information.

Shanti Technology ERP(STERP) is the best-recommended software that will bring a function of order for ease, convenience, and faster operations for your engineering business.

STERP offers Sales & CRM, Purchase & Inventory Control, Design & Production, Quality Control, Service, Finance, and HR – Payroll related applications. We also provide customized add-ons as per your engineering business requirements.

STERP is the ideal and ultimate solution for your engineering business as it provides you with numerous features as follows:

  • Location Tracking
  • Task Management
  • Mobile Users Visit Reports
  • Finish Goods Progress Tracking
  • Document Management
  • ISO Audit Reports
  • Vendor Rating
  • Dynamic Dashboard
  • Multi-Currency
  • Export Documentations
  • Auto Mail & SMS Integration
  • Quotation Lost Analysis Ratio
  • Depreciation Calculation with Auto JV
  • Mobile Application for Android & iOS
  • Component Process Tracking
  • Forex Gain Loss with Auto JV

Integration :

The first and far most benefit of STERP is integration. Our ERP solution helps in reducing data redundancy and redundant data entry, which will lead to a structured services approach and active project management.

Improved work efficiency :

Our solution helps in enhancing the efficiency of your organization as it integrates various processes very smoothly. It will help in reducing your paperwork. Our STERP modules are designed for quick response to changes in market conditions and to improve the productivity of the company.

Reduction in cost :

The major benefit of STERP is improved coordination across functional departments. It reduces the operational cost i.e. inventory control cost, production costs, marketing costs, and help desk support costs.

STERP can help each level of management in your engineering organization to function speedily and efficiently. For top Management can obtain the right picture of the company’s status, which will further help in taking strategic decisions. Whereas, for middle Management STERP software can become the best solution for reports like purchase material reports, customer dues reports, and delivery schedules for materials, etc. All such reports will prove as guidelines for the smooth functioning of the business processes. Lastly, the modules are flexible to your business requirements and user-friendly too for lower hierarchical employees.

It depends on the modules you opt for your specific business model and also you can customize add ons modules as per the requirement of your company.

ERP systems is a set of techniques that help to drive the fundamental business processes. It is a cross-functional enterprise that is completely used for integrated business management and improving the efficiency of companies. The optimum utilization of ERP in companies can be beneficial for planning, managing and supervising. The areas where ERP is used are production, financial markets, accounting, sales, manufacturing and services. So, ERP is a software tool that makes management simple for companies.

There are six main components in ERP.

  • Transactional databases
  • Management portals
  • Human Resources
  • Supply chain management
  • Workflow management
  • Customization reports

An ERP system is capable of integrating every department and their functions under one computer. This forms a platform for all departments to share information and communicate easily. All the departments in a company including the HR, production, design, supply chain management and finance can be integrated into software that is run by a single database.

The popular types of ERP preferred by companies are SAP, Oracle Financials, Microsoft Dynamics, PeopleSoft, BAAN, and JD Edwards. SAP is more successful than any other ERP because it has many advantages over all of them. There can be drastic improvements made if ERP is installed and maintained in the right way.

Today, many organizations have designed a complex system that contains multiple ERPs. Some companies develop their own system along with the available open system software. Thus, a candidate can answer this question according to the requirement of the company’s system requirement.

The implementation process is the primary purpose of ERP systems. This involves installing the software, updating it with the financial data and then the users, processes are configured. After this, the users should become familiar with all processes and the software. There is a systematic way of implementing ERP in a company for effective utilization. Candidate can explain the objectives of how they implemented previously and how helpful it happened to be for the company.

Firstly, we must analyze the problem and define the objectives required. The infrastructure required for this should be checked too. Then we must clearly define its scope for the future. According to the present condition, we must evaluate the options in ERP for future improvement. This will identify the required ERP solution, so it can be updated with important and necessary data. The users should check on the system now and then; they can also customize it when required. Employees must be capable of using the right technology, knowledge of ERP and training should be conducted for them. In the end, the implementation process ends with project management and testing.

The parameters of a query that are not filled with values are called variables. These will not be defined with a value unless the query is inserted into workbooks. The types of variables in ERP are texts, characteristic variables, user entry, formulas, replacement path and hierarchy nodes.

Knowing many functional areas can be beneficial because we can comprehend the drawbacks that each department is facing currently. We can create a secured platform for all departments to coordinate and communicate together. This helps us to rectify and recover major flaws for improving the enterprise.

The major purpose of ERP is the integration of all departments of a company. Candidate can explain in which functional area they worked previously. They can also explain the process of integrating two different departments effectively using ERP. Also, explain how they managed to overcome errors and problems.

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