Impossible only means that you haven’t found the solution yet.” — meet us and convert your constrains into your opportunities.

STERP Software Pvt. Ltd. (Previously Known as a Shanti Technology), a Leader in Engineering Manufacturing ERP Solutions, Headquarters in Vadodara, Gujarat, Mumbai, Maharashtra, INDIA, has clients across all major cities. We are focused on a single vertical for more than 17 years, customer satisfaction and commitment is our mantra.

Founded by Mr. Ramesh Patel, our Journey began since 2003.

Our in-depth knowledge of and understanding of the Engineering Business processes guarantees a successful, unmatched, and fast implementation. Our ERP Software will help you find smarter ways to integrate your resources so that you can facilitate all the aspects of your business processes. Our solution groups your traditional company and its various processes (such as customer relationship management, manufacturing & accounting) and further converges them into one whole unit.

Our solutions are one of a kind and specially designed for the fashion in which people work today. It focuses on strategic IT Initiatives. These solutions maximize the availability of the systems or processes and reduce the risks as well. It harvests rapid time which is precious for your new projects while you are giving priority to your business processes.

We invigorate easy-to-use ERP software that are competent with your existing systems. It will meet your requirements in present and in the future as the business evolves. Our ERP Software requisite industries of different nature such as manufacturing, distribution, maintenance, and service. Our proven domain experts who are well qualified to consult and educate clients will help you for performing your operational activities in the most effective manner.


To provide you with excellent before and after implementation services, eliminating the challenges faced by you by giving you quick, timely and continuous support.


To serve our customers globally as the most trusted ERP solution provider with an excellent quality and service credibility within all segments of the market.


Ramesh Patel – Founder & Managing Director

“I am delighted that I have got a chance to share my views about my company. We at STERP Software Pvt. Ltd. offer you more than just a service — whenever, wherever, however required. Customer satisfaction has always been the most precious asset of my firm. STERP Software Pvt. Ltd. has always encountered the challenges of its life cycle successfully with the support from its proven expert executives. All This was not possible without your unflinching faith in our efforts.”


Pradeep Patel - Managing Director

“STERP Software Pvt. Ltd. which is introducing new horizons to the technology world. I believe that integration is the ability to work together with common vision. We provide our client a unique combination of services and facilities as we firmly admit that after sales support is equivalently important as prior to sales.