5 Unique Benefits of ERP for Manufacturers

5 Unique Benefits of ERP for Manufacturers
July 12, 2023

One of the premier ERP software companies in India, STERP (Shanti Technology) provides end-to-end services to the manufacturing industry. STERP has made a name for itself as one of the leading ERP software providers in India, with a focus on businesses in the manufacturing sector.

Complex production planning, supply chain management, quality management, as well as inventory control are just some of the difficulties that Indian manufacturers encounter. STERP has designed an effective ERP software solution to meet these difficulties head-on.

The ERP software offered by STERP creates a central hub for coordinating the many moving parts of a manufacturing company, such as accounting, purchasing, production, sales, and customer service. By providing continuous insight into production, it helps businesses enhance efficiency, cut costs, and boost output.

The ERP software developed by STERP allows Indian factories to improve efficiency, eliminate manual labour, and increase teamwork. Companies may better satisfy client expectations and provide high-quality products with the use of the software's functions, such as production scheduling, inventory management, quality control, and material requirement planning. Learn more about the global adoption of ERP software by exploring some aggregate statistics.


General worldwide statistics for ERP Software:

In the past, only large manufacturers could benefit from ERP systems because of the complexity involved in running such operations. However, in the present day, ERP systems are crucial for any kind of business. ERP solutions are not just the domain of huge corporations; small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly interested in implementing them as well. The current market situation is reflected in the general statistics of ERP systems, which demonstrate a global demand.


  • $25 billion + amount is transacted annually in the global ERP software market, which expands by 10% to 20% annually.
  • 53% of organisations feel ERP is one of the top industries for investments.
  • At a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.2% from 2019 to 2026, the global market for ERP software is expected to reach $78.40 billion.
  • The adoption rate of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software will be highest in the defence and aerospace industries by 2026.
  • The majority of businesses (88%) believe that using ERP improved their chances of success.
  • 62.7% of businesses choose cloud-based ERP systems to on-premise software.
  • Only about 5% of businesses make good use of their ERP to generate and enhance high-quality data, which is essential for accurate analytics and insights.
  • Approximately 27% of businesses are concerned that their data would be compromised when they implement an ERP solution.
  • In the near future, half of all businesses will either purchase an ERP system or upgrade their current one.


What are the 5 Unique Advantages of using ERP for manufacturing company in India?


1.Streamlined Operations and Increased Efficiency:


Manufacturing enterprises in India need streamlined processes and enhanced efficiency to survive in today's competitive business environment. One of the most important tools for accomplishing these objectives is ERP software, and STERP is the most successful ERP software company in India.

STERP is familiar with the specific problems factories have to solve. Their enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for manufacturers is tailored to improve productivity throughout the company.

STERP's ERP software provides real-time visibility into important company activities by merging different divisions and functions into a single platform. With this big-picture perspective, manufacturers can eliminate blind spots, pinpoint inefficiencies, and improve operational efficiency.

Order processing, stock management, and production planning are just some of the mundane chores that may be automated using STERP's ERP software for manufacturers. Automation of these procedures helps businesses save time and money while decreasing the likelihood of human error. Automating processes helps businesses react quickly to changing needs, which is essential for keeping customers happy.

The better teamwork and communication made possible by STERP's ERP software is another major perk. Employees are better able to work together on projects, share knowledge, and gain instant access to data thanks to the department-specific modules that have been built into the system.

The ERP software that STERP uses also has sophisticated data analysis and reporting features. Data-driven insights allow manufacturers to spot patterns, plan for the future, and maximise output. Waste is reduced, resource allocation is enhanced, and productivity is increased thanks to this data-driven strategy.


2.Enhanced Visibility and Real-time Data Insights:


Enhanced visibility and real-time data insights are critical for making choices and driving business growth in the dynamic and continuously expanding manufacturing sector in India. In order to provide manufacturing organisations with increased transparency and real-time data insights, STERP, a prominent service provider of ERP software in India, offers effective solutions.

STERP offers ERP solutions that are designed with manufacturers in mind. Our ERP software for manufacturing company in India allows for better oversight by bringing together key business processes like accounting, inventory control, manufacturing, and logistics in a unified environment. The elimination of data silos and the provision of a bird's-eye view of the production process are both made possible by this integration.

ERP software developed by STERP gives manufacturing companies access to update the data for streamlined monitoring and decisive action. With access to recent information on KPIs like production progress, inventory levels, and customer orders, businesses can better adapt to shifting market conditions and meet the needs of their clientele. Manufacturers can streamline their production schedules, shorten their lead times, and guarantee on-time delivery by having fast access to precise information.

The ERP software developed by STERP has state-of-the-art reporting and analytics features. By producing adaptable reports, visual dashboards, and performance indicators, manufacturers may gain invaluable insight into their operations' efficacy, product quality, and profitability. These data-driven insights provide manufacturers with the information they need to pinpoint problem areas, streamline their use of resources, and improve their processes on an ongoing basis.

ERP software like STERP allows for seamless, instantaneous teamwork and communication. Manufacturing businesses may encourage teamwork among employees, suppliers, and customers by utilising centralised document management, task assignment, and communication technologies. Coordination, speed of decision-making, and output as a whole all benefit from this.


3.Improved Quality Control and Compliance:


Quality assurance and rule-following are of utmost importance in production. To aid manufacturers in enhancing quality control and keeping up with regulatory requirements, STERP provides comprehensive solutions.

STERP, a frontrunner in the Indian ERP software market, appreciates the significance of quality assurance in production. Our ERP software for manufacturers includes powerful quality management components that let businesses set up and strictly adhere to rigorous quality control standards. Companies can design quality standards, establish inspection criteria, and monitor quality parameters throughout the entire manufacturing process.

With STERP's ERP software, manufacturers can monitor quality control parameters in real-time, allowing them to spot problems early and implement fixes as soon as possible. Manufacturing businesses can proactively address quality concerns and reduce defects or non-conformances by monitoring quality parameters, conducting inspections, and capturing quality data.

STERP's ERP software simplifies the reporting and record-keeping that is normally necessary to meet regulatory and standard requirements. Whether it's product specs, compliance certifications, audit records, or anything else, the programme will keep it all organised and up-to-date. Having everything in one place makes it easier to conduct audits for regulatory compliance, cuts down on paperwork, and lessens the chance of incurring fines for not doing so.

Supplier compliance can also be monitored and controlled with STERP's ERP software. It makes it easier to find the best suppliers, keep tabs on how they're doing, and ensure they're meeting quality and safety requirements. By only dealing with reliable suppliers who follow the rules, manufacturers reduce the likelihood that their products will contain low-quality components or be produced using illegal methods.


4.Effective Resource Management and Cost Reduction:


Successful manufacturing businesses depend on the efficient use of ERP for manufacturing company in India especially designed and developed by STERP and a significant reduction in operating costs. The manufacturing industry can benefit greatly from the solutions provided by STERP (Shanti Technology), an established ERP software company in India.

Manufacturing businesses can benefit from STERP's ERP software by centralising formerly separate processes including inventory management, production planning, procurement, and resource allocation. This connectivity allows manufacturers to see resource availability, utilisation, and demand in real-time, improving their capacity to make educated decisions and allocate resources effectively.

By analysing past data, market trends, and customer demand patterns, STERP's ERP software enables precise demand forecasting. Manufacturers can therefore optimise their working capital by better planning production, procurement, and inventory management and thereby reducing stockouts and excess inventory.

Additionally, the best ERP software in India offered by STERP, simplifies production scheduling, allowing businesses to maximise resource utilisation and cut down on downtime. The software generates production schedules that optimise output and minimise downtime by taking into account variables like machine capacity, labour availability, and raw materials on hand.

ERP software offered by STERP includes sophisticated inventory management tools like real-time stock monitoring, automated reorder points, and vendor administration. Manufacturers can decrease their carrying costs, eliminate rush orders and premium freight fees, and better serve their customers by maintaining optimal inventory levels and avoiding stockouts.

If you are looking to find ways to cut costs by offering in-depth information on operational costs, the ERP software offered by STERP will definitely help. Cost-benefit analyses help manufacturers find ways to reduce expenses across all of their processes, divisions, and products. Among these are streamlining procurement procedures, refining negotiations with suppliers, cutting down on waste, and maximising output.


5.Enhanced Customer Relationship Management and Service:


Strong customer relationships are essential to STERP's success as one of the leading ERP software companies in India. STERP's ERP software for manufacturers includes powerful customer relationship management (CRM) components that facilitate efficient management of customer interactions, preferences, and records.

The ERP software offered by STERP gives businesses a complete picture of their customers, illuminating their wants, needs, and purchase habits. With this all-encompassing perspective, businesses can give bespoke services, products, and experiences to each individual customer.

In addition, STERP's ERP software simplifies sales and order administration, so businesses can more quickly answer customer questions, process orders, and update them on the status of their shipments. Automation of these procedures helps manufacturers meet order deadlines, cut down on mistakes, and provide better service to their clients.

STERP's ERP software also makes it easier to provide excellent customer service after the sale has been made. The programme aids manufacturers in keeping track of customer complaints, service requests, and warranty data. Manufacturers can increase consumer satisfaction, loyalty, and repeat purchases through fast and helpful customer service.


Final Thoughts:


ERP software provides unique benefits for manufacturing companies in India. As a market leader in ERP software, STERP develops specialised products to meet the requirements of manufacturers. ERP offers manufacturers five distinct advantages: streamlined operations, increased efficiency, better quality control and compliance, more effective resource management and cost reduction, and better customer relationship management and service.

ERP software allows factories to standardise procedures, automate routine tasks, and boost productivity. Manufacturers may make better decisions and streamline production with the help of real-time visibility and data insights. Manufacturers may keep their products at a high standard and in line with rules thanks to the incorporation of quality control modules.

By optimising stock levels, enhancing production planning, and decreasing overhead, ERP software paves the way for efficient resource management. Better procurement practices, reduced waste, and more efficient use of resources all help manufacturers cut costs. If you are looking for one of the top ERP software providers in India, STERP can fulfil your ERP software requirements.

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