Automate these 5 tasks using ERP Software

Automate these 5 tasks using ERP Software
November 10, 2022

ERP, or enterprise resource planning, holds great potential in today's data-driven, digitally interconnected business environment. ERP automation provides numerous benefits to corporate executives and planners, including increased efficiency and the betterment of business processes.

However, not every architecture of an ERP system is the same. In order to reduce the amount of time and effort required for routine processes, the most effective ERP automation solutions entail making certain workloads and tasks open for the rules of data governance.

Automate the 5 tasks mentioned below by STERP - one of the most reputed ERP software companies in India, using ERP Software, each of which has the potential to significantly reduce labour costs for an organisation. If you're wondering whether or not to automate some ERP system features, consider all these advantages.


ERP software may automate a wide variety of tasks. Workflow and approval diagrams are a great place to start. Making use of a flowchart is possible. Auditors can examine the smooth flow of a company's processes as they progress through their many steps and procedures. The benefits of automation can therefore be realised by implementing an ERP system with careful consideration given to typical results and workload variations.

Recurring audits are also useful in this context. Further analysis of workloads is required to determine where this automation may have the most impact and how to best incorporate it into current practices.

Keep in mind that not all workloads are created equal, especially when it comes to the business process as well as automation solutions. Assessing which workloads are the most delicate and which may be automated is a key part of the appraisal process.

Workloads, like data security, can be evaluated individually for automation of ERP systems based on factors like their location in the architecture and compatibility with cloud and on-premises systems.

Analysis of ERP features like these is useful for automating tasks and getting systems closer to their "desired state," as defined by experts. STERP (formerly known as Shanti Technology) ranks among the top ERP solution providers in India that can fulfil all of your ERP software requirements.

At the end of the day, ERP systems can be integrated with other programmes that aid in the exact automation of individual jobs.

2.Financial Planning and Forecasting:

Financial planning and forecasting are two other areas where an ERP system may be of great assistance when automated.

Most companies struggle with cost forecasting, and creating accurate predictive budgets is a challenging process.

Budgeting software that includes a repository for approvals is, thus, an invaluable tool. Estimates can be automatically entered into budget workbooks as part of an ERP system's automation. The following forms of estimation are available to planners:

  • Percentage estimates
  • Statistical averages
  • Amounts of Fixed ballpark

Predictive planning is aided by assigning monetary values to approval tasks. Organizational resource planning (ERP) systems often incorporate access management as well as an identity feature, allowing for granular control over user access based on certain roles within the company. That way, the appropriate people may reap the benefits of automation while still receiving the financial information they need to make informed decisions about budgeting and forecasting in the future.

3.Tracking Expenses:

This is yet another procedure that requires a lot of manpower at most companies. Someone needs to keep tabs on staff and employee spending, and either approve or reject expense reports for things like travel, meals, as well as other unusual expenditures.

People seeking to expense various items to an employer and the examination of the department of HR that is trying to limit the approval of expenditure are frequent targets of comedic depictions on television. Not counting the cost of a new pair of headwear or a classic automobile as an investment in the company's future is one such example.

Still, this is another area where ERP software can really shine. Rather than having a manual review of expenses, automating this process and setting standards for data governance relieves some load from human review employees. The use of automation tools provided by ERP software developed by STERP which is popularly known for manufacturing ERP software in India is highly useful.

When an ERP tool detects an expense request that is more than a specific amount, it can immediately refuse the request and transfer the data into a graphical accounting system. Human assessors will have an easier time seeing and comprehending it this way. The "digestibility" notion is an integral aspect of the corporate transparency afforded by today's ERP system configurations. If you can observe things with more clarity, you'll be able to put them to better use. This is something that is considered by developers of software at all times.

Easy and effective problem-solving in the realm of spending tracking is guaranteed by having access to the relevant data in real-time.

4.Payment Automation:

The accounts payable department is another area where firms can benefit from ERP automation and ERP features.

In addition to paying employees, businesses must also pay their vendors and suppliers in a timely manner.

Contractor processing is an integral part of this kind of automated solution. Businesses that distribute tax records may interact with a diverse group of third parties, including consultants. Generated documentation may be required of anyone selling a product or service outside of an employee relationship. Most high-level executives have experienced the stress of trying to complete all tasks before tax season. This is a common stumbling block, and there are typically difficult logistical hurdles to overcome. If you are looking for one of the excellent ERP software providers in India, STERP is the best pick for your needs.

Once again, the imaging and visual representation of payments facilitate their resolution and tabulation.

5.Data Reporting and Visualization:

ERP automation handles a wide range of tasks, from payroll to product creation to invoicing as well as accounts payable, allowing firms to become more nimble and efficient. Data is commonly referred to in the business world as "business intelligence," and having that insight presented visually can have significant benefits.

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