Are You Tired Of Manual Operations And Verbal Follow-Ups?

Manual entries and paper work are one of the biggest hindrances to business growth. When the employees have to make their decisions based on human errors and waste time rectifying those errors or making manual entries, they cannot help in the growth of the company. This specifically stands true for engineering manufacturing companies who manage complex supply chains and regulations.
Choose STERP, one of the leading ERP Providers for Engineering Manufacturing Companies that follows 5 principles of SARAS design:
Speed: ERP system must help to complete your activities faster – Your daily operations must be faster, integrated and communicative, this will reduce the lag caused due to delayed communications & manual search and follow ups.

Accuracy: Must help in taking decisions confidently – and for that to happen the Numbers & formulae must be accurate so that further analysis and processing can be done on that data.

Reports : Any modern ERP system must have Management Information System (MIS) across hierarchy – reports that helps in faster and timely alerts, powerful grouping and sorting – aiding to decision making.

Achieve: ERP must be conscious of Targets and Goals of the company – your systems should help you achieve them in a time bound manner.

Simplify: System must promote organized workflow and simplicity – aim is to have extremely user friendly systems. At the same time ERP systems should help in simplifying your operations thereby increasing efficiency and enabling you to continue to grow.

Pradeep Patel – Managing Director
STERP Software Pvt. Ltd.